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Each pack contains cubed and dried organic tempeh. Tempeh is fermented soybeans in a cake form. It is raw and oil-free. TW uses no vinegar or other additives. Chefs can reconstitute the dry tempeh to regular tempeh by boiling it in saltwater for 12-15 mins. This re-hydrated tempeh is actively fermenting and must be frozen, pasteurized, or consumed immediately to prevent spoilage. To enjoy the tempeh, chefs can season with spices, salt, or flavored seasonings. Chefs can later sauté, deep-fry, air-fry, bake or grill the tempeh. The dry or boiled tempeh can be consumed as it is. The dried and sealed bag of tempeh bites stays active and delicious for three months at room temperature. Tempe Wala ferments its tempeh using organic soybeans and rhizopus bacteria only. No additives, preservatives, or hidden ingredients.

Tempe Bites (Raw)

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